“How to put Lip Gloss on”

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Are you wondering why you should put  lip gloss on?  Because it makes your lips glow.  Also, it looks attractive because your lips look shiny and perfect !

How to put  lip gloss on:lip gloss

You will need the following:

  • A bright lip gloss
  • A mirror
  • Lips (Your lips or someone’s lips you want to apply it on)
  • A dressing table
  • A Tissue box

Follow these steps:

  1. Go shopping and buy lip gloss that is a light colour. Come back from shopping and take out your lip gloss.
  2. Open the lid softly by twisting it.
  3. Put the jar on the dressing table.
  4. Take the lid out of the lip gloss.
  5. Remember! First clean the the brush on the side of the jar.
  6. Carefully, put the lid against your lips. Go slowly don’t rush because you  might mess up.
  7. Go around your lips with the brush, don’t forget to put it on the sides of your lips.
  8. Gently pick up the jar and close it.
  9. Take a tissue and purse your lips with it.
  10. You’re done !

This will give you an idea of how you apply lip gloss on. If you have any lip gloss out of your lips: That means you need years to learn how to put lip gloss on. If your lips are dried from the sides: That means you can’t ever put lip gloss on properly. If your lip gloss is perfect ex. it’s on the sides and properly in the center of your lips: That means you will be doing perfect on applying lip gloss. Try it and hope you guys will learn !