How To Open A Door

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Have you ever been stuck in a room or felt left out that you can’t open a door and all your friends and peers do? Don’t you hate when they brag they can open a door well today if your lucky day because I will teach you step by step instructions to cafuly and safely open a door

This is how to open a door

Things Needed:            

  • A door to open


  • Heater or Gloves
  1. Walk to the door (make sure it is closed).
  2. Place your hand on the door knobe (you can use gloves or heat the knobe by using a heater).
  3. Slowly turn the knobe.
  4. When you can’t turn anymore push the door away or to you (depends on the door).
  5. Walk in/out.
  6. Push door so it clicks at the door frame to close.
  7. If the door is a push door use your hands or back to push the door forward (Remember to have a buddie!).

It takes some time to get it but it’s better than being stuck in a room for 3 hours! Try diffrent door to expand your door loving  knowledge!