How to play Jump Rope!

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Hey! Do you know how to jump rope? If  yes then keep reading this because you might wanna achieve something  more. If no then keep reading this you will be learning something fun to do!!

There are lots of ways to play, Double Dutch, Eye Candy, and many  more. Also if you know a fun song to sing when you are jumping that would be great and even more fun! My favourite song is Wedding Dress it goes like this, “What’cha going to where on your wedding day dress, bikini, underwear, or nothing” and you keep going like that until you are tired and hopefully you might wear a dress! 😛


  • Jump/skipping rope (you can get one at the dollar store)
  • Park, sidewalk, parking lot, or some space of pavement
  • Some friends (the more the happier) or you can jump rope alone too
  • Lots of energy
  • Wanting to have fun


1. Start with the skipping rope have a friend hold one handle and the other handle with another friend.

2. Stand in the middle  side by side with the skipping rope.

3. Tell your friends to start turning the skipping rope in clock-wise or counter clock-wise.(they have to be turning the skipping rope in the same direction)

4.  When you see the rope go over your head then you have to jump.

5.When you getting used to it, then start singing a  fun song. You can find tons of them on Google.

That’s it ! Now wasn’t that easy? Keep practicing try to set a goal of 20 skips, 40 skips, 60 skips, 80 skips, 100 skips and so on. Keep going and going and going, lets see if you can beat my highest score, 200 skips in a minute. I actually can’t  get that anymore, maybe i was really packed with a lot of sugar at the time, but it still counts!

Image Source from :  rhoftonphone (CC BY 2.0)

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