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In the environment air pollution and water pollution have began to harm our land.

Pollution is affecting the environment in three ways, land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. Land pollution is all the waste dumped onto our land. As well as litering, acid rain also contributes to land pollution. Air pollution is air contaminated by bad gases, smoke particles and other bad substances. Water pollution is water contaminated by things not found in water.

People always consider pollution a horrible thing, but we should think for a minute and look at the good things, we always clean up our mess afterwards. We always improve our mistakes that we have done. We pollute the water and air, but we always do the 3 R’s – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Some things that we own aren’t all waste, so we Reuse them. Every week, we have to sort out our garbage into bins. There is a plactic bin and a paper/cardboard bin, sorting out the garbages helps us recycle. Everyone in the world uses cars and other technologies to get around. Even though cars and other transportations pollute the air, we still need them to get around to places. For example to get to work, get to destinations, to games, etc. Carbon dioxide is bad for us and the environment, but is good for the plants. Plants let out oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. As well as we need oxygen, if plants didn’t have it they would become old and would eventually die.

But sometimes we need to change our ways around. Even though we use cars to get to places we can ride our bike or walk. This would save us from polluting the air. We have been throwing so much waste into the water, that the water we drink from, swim in, and take a shower from have all been contaminated! Air pollution has rised so much that it has started to cause greenhouse gases, which is creating global warming.

Air pollution and water pollution have been a good and bad affect onto the environment, we should keep our land a useful place.