Nuclear Energy: Is the energy worth the risk ?

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With a growing need for energy. Nuclear energy could be a possible source to fulfill our energy needs.

Nuclear energy is a source of energy createdby binding the composants of an atomic nucleas, utilizing either the fusion or fission process. The fission process is the process in which the atoms get disociated where as the fusion process is the process in which the atoms get combined. Both procedures occur in a nuclear reactor where both procedures create a very clean source of energy in terms of carbon dioxide emission.

Nuclear energy offers various advantages over other energy sources. One being that it’s very clean in terms of it’s carbon dioxide emission. Carbon dioxide being one of the major factors in global warming it helps out that cause immensily while also producing energy for the world to use. It’s also very inexpensive in terms of the amount of energy it can produce per any given weight. Just one pound of uranium produces three million kW h of  energy. Nuclear power is also a major source of power in the world, providing the world with ten percent of it’s electricity and six percent of it’s energy. Nuclear energy also provides certain countries like France wih as much as 80% of there energy needs.

Along with the advantages thatcome with the use of Nuclear energy there are also various disadvantages as well. One being that since the creation of Nuclear energy, no new ways have been created to dispose of the hazardous waste left behind. On a daily basis during normal operations there is a continous release of radioactivity coming from high-tech reactors the cost between five to ten billion dollars and take 15 years to construct. These high-tech reactors can also have major faults or breakdowns. Nuclear reactors can explode like an atomic bomb causing immediate and mass destruction, or they can also melt down and leak radioactivity into the wild. Such as the Three Mile Island accident (1976), or the more afamed Chernobyle accident (1986).  There was a leak at the Chernobyle nuclear plant causing 30-50% of Nuclear material in the reactor to get released into the environment causing death, immediate evacuation of over 100,000 locals, pollution of food in large portions of Europe and other consiquences still affecting us to this very day.

With the need for energy on the rise nuclear energy can be a permanent source of energy for years to come.